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Some links that might help on the road to publishing clinical cases or research.  Good CV fodder, unless you are a real academic.  The single most useful aid to publication is a mentor or senior interested colleague.



 Getting Research Published: an A to Z of publication strategy

E Wager.  155 pages. Radcliffe. 2005

I have not read this book but there is a BMJ review of it.

Amazon website


Writing and Publishing in Medicine

E Huth. 348 pages. Williams & Wilkins. 1998

Get a copy of this classic if you can. 

From a former editor of the Annals of Internal Medicine


How to Publish in Biomedicine

Fraser. 191 pages. Radcliffe. 2008 

I have not read this book.

Amazon website



Guidance for newly qualified doctors to get published. BMJ Careers 

BMJ Guidance on how to get published


What, where, and how to publish

What where and how


How not to get published

A Tim Albert classic

How not to get published


Writing a Publishable Journal Article: A Perspective From the Other Side of the Desk

A darkside checklist

Checklist: ignore at your peril