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Nottingham Children's Hospital



Derby Road
Main switchboard: 0115 924 9924


The Children's Hospital is in the East Bloc of QMC.


1. We have 110 beds

2. Our population is about 500,000 but the trauma centre and paediatric cancer cover a larger area

3. We have 3 paediatric radiologists

4. We are particulalry good at US and NAI and have some very good and well thought of paediatric neuroradiologists.

5. We can train one paediatric fourth or fifth year at a time, but can only advertise it openly if there is no-one on our scheme who wants to do it and we have a space.

6 We do some limited NAI research and are doing some work with DWIBS in paediatric oncology.


Written by Dr Katharine Halliday, Consultant Paediatric Radiologist, November 2012