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NAI Expert Witness


The Britsh Society of Paediatric Radiology receives a number of requests from solicitors asking whether the Society can recommend a Paediatric Radiologist to act as an Expert Witness in Child Protection or possible Non Accidental Injury cases. In response, the BSPR Executive Committee has decided to hold a list of members who are prepared to undertake this work.


All the radiologists on this list of Expert Witnesses, are members of this Society and have expressed an interest in doing this type of medicolegal work. The BSPR has not made any formal assessment of their competence or suitability and is not responsible for their fee structure, their reports or their performance in court.


Any BSPR member who wishes to be added to this list of Expert Witnesses should contact a member of the Executive Committee.


Any solicitor wishing an opinion, should contact the BSPR using the 'Contact'  section of the myBSPR website.  Please give a brief indication of the type of case, any deadline for producing a report, and your contact details. You will not be given a list of Expert Witnesses, rather your request will be emailed out to all those on the list, by the BSPR.  Any radiologist wishing to give a medicolegal opinion about your case can then contact you directly.