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 The following links give some useful hints and tips about interviews and interview skills.


Sweaty Palms. The Neglected Art of being Interviewed

H Antony Medley, 444 pages, Business Plus, 2005

A classic paperback by a professional interviewer. Read through and lent to a lot of trainees. Full of tips. Lots of questions for which you should think of answers. Including the classic - Why should we give you the job?

Sweaty Palms

Medical Interviews: a comprehensive guide to CT, ST and Registrar interview skills - Over 120 medical interview questions, techniques and NHS topics explained.

I have not read this book. Amazon has a 'look inside' section of you are interested.

Picard et al. 354 pages. ISC Books. 2008

Medical Interviews

How to Succeed at the Medical Interview

I have not read this book. Amazon has a 'look inside' section of you are interested.

Smith & Meeking.136 pages. blackwell. 2008

How to succeed at the Medical Interview

Succeeding in Your Consultant Medical Interview (Progressing Your Medical Career)

I have not read this book. Amazon has a 'look inside' section of you are interested.

Ghosh. 240 pages. Apply2. 2009

Consultant Medical Interview


Interview Skills. BMJ Careers

BMJ Interview Skills

Shining through at a Specialty Training Interviews. BMJ Careers

BMJ Specialty Training Interview

Interviewing with Impact. BMJ Careers

Interviewing with impact

Pre Employment Competency Screening. BMJ Careers

Competency Screening


There are also training organisations that will take your money but might land you the job.

Hammersmith Interview Course. BMJ Careers

This concentrates on one course in London

Hammersmith Interview Course

Specialty Training Interview Skills Course. BMJ Careers

This has a list of about 10 providers of such courses at the bottom of the article

Specialty Training Skills Course

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