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Former Comittee Members

This is a work in progress and will be added to, and corrected, as further information is available. 

If you wish to add to or correct any of the details, please contact Dave Horton using the 'Contact Me' page.  


Honorary Secretary and Treasurer

Ian J Kenney, Brighton (2005-2010)

Louise E Sweeney, Belfast (1999-2005)

Anne S Hollman, Glasgow (1998-1999)

Rosemary J Arthur, Leeds (1992-1998)




Laurence Abernethy, Liverpool (2007-2011)

Karl Johnson, Birmingham (2005-2007)

Kieran McHugh, London (2001-2005)

Stephen Chapman, Birmingham

G Mike A Hendry, Edinburgh

Donald G Shaw, London

David W Pilling, Liverpool



Laurence Abernethy, Liverpool (2007-2011)

Karl Johnson, Birmingham (2004-2007)

Alan Sprigg, Sheffield (2000-2004)

 Stephen Chapman, Birmingham (1998-2000)

David W Pilling, Liverpool (1992-1998)

Sidney Smith, Leeds

Keith Levick, Sheffield


Ordinary Executive Members (in no particular order)

Claire Dicks-Mireaux, London

Susan King, Bristol

Valmai Cook, Carshorlton

Rose De Bruyn, London

Sarah Horton, Torbay

Carol Luck, Windsor

Stephanie Mackenzie, Bristol

Karen Duncan, Aberdeen

Sally Scott, Dorset

Anthony EW Dux, Leicester

Andrew Watt, Glasgow 

Karen Bradshaw, Haverfordwest

Alex Maclennan, Paisley