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The aim of this section is to help you decide if this is the right thing for you. We have compiled a collection of experiences from various Paediatric Radiologists around the UK and also information from various centres in the UK. We hope the information here will help you make an informed decision.


Deciding to go on a fellowship is a big decision.  One has to consider several factors such as

·      What do you hope to gain from a fellowship?

·      Do you need a fellowship?

·      Where do you hope to work at the end of your fellowship?

·      Where should you go?

·      The cost to you financially and your family.


Here are some of the things to help you weigh it all up



1.     Great experience especially if you go abroad

2.     Learn new things about yourself

3.     Consolidate existing paediatric knowledge

4.     Research opportunities

5.     Make new friends and colleagues


1.     Can be financially taxing

2.     Uprooting family if you go abroad

3.     May miss potential job positions if you are abroad



Tips and advice

1.     Plan early! Some programs such as the North American ones start advertising and filling up positions 2 years in advance.

2.     Look around and speak to various people and programs.

3.     You may need to have local exams ie USMLEs for the US.

4.     Are UK employees willing to wait for you to finish your fellowship before starting a consultant post?

5.     Maybe an Out Of Programme Training  for 3-6 months is all you need, especially if your region does not have a busy paediatric radiology department.


How to pursue a postgraduate fellowship. BMJ Careers.

How to pursue a postgraduate fellowship


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Good luck!!


Ram Senasi and Alex Maclennan