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Elections to the Executive Committee

When was each member elected?

The table below shows the following details for each of the Executive Committee members:

Majority or minority paediatric radiology interest ;

Serving the first or second term;

Date of last executive meeting 


Dr Rosemary Allan (Honorary Secretary and Treasurer)

             Majority Paeds; 2nd term; Nov 2013 -17; last exec meeting April 2017

Dr Katharine Halliday (Chair and Convenor)

             Majority Paeds; 2nd term; April 2013 -17; last exec meeting Nov 2017

Dr Greg Irwin  

             Majority Paeds; 2nd term; Nov 2014 -17; last exec meeting April 2017

Dr Amanda Bisset

             Minority Paeds; 1st term; April 2013-16; last Exec meeting April 2016

 Dr Satkurunathan Maheshwaran

             Minority Paeds; 2nd term; Nov 2012-15;  Last Exec meeting April 2015

 Dr David Horton                

             Majority Paeds; 2nd term; April 2013 -16; last exec meeting Nov 2016


What elections are due?

No elections in the immediate future. 


How do I apply for election to the Executive Committee? 

Forthcoming elections for members of the Executive Committee are advertised in the BSPR newsletter and on this website.  The election is run by the Honorary Secretary.  Any full member who wishes to be considered for election can either send a short resume and photo, to the Secretary, by the stated date or put a photo and their resume on the 'About Me' section of their myBSPR member profile.  Each candidate must be proposed and seconded in writing. If only one member wishes to stand, he or she will be elected unopposed.  If two or more members stand, there is a ballot of the membership.