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Some useful online sites for learning Paediatric Radiology



R-ITI, the Radiology - Integrated Training Initiative, is an e-learning project developed in collaboration with the Royal College of Radiologists. It includes the Validated Case Archive.

R-ITI Homepage


 VCU Paediatric Case of the Week

Try your hand.  Need to register for the Case of the Week

Case of the Week


Lieberman's eRadiology

Teaching programmes from the Harvard Medical School curriculum

Lieberman's eRadiology


University of Virginia

Self tutorial for residents and medical students to learn to assess paediatric radiographs.

With quizzes.

University of Virginia program


Virtual Paediatric Hospital

A digital library of paediatric Information currated by Dr D'Alessandro

Virtual Paediatric Hospital


Children's Hospital of Michigan

Online teaching on a broad variety of topics.  Need to register for the free content

Paediatric Imaging Online


Philip Silberberg's Paediatric Curriculum

A collated series of images and cases from the myPacs website that ties with the SPR curriculum

myPacs Paediatric Curriculum


Seattle Childrens' Paediatric Atlases

Various atlases for CT and MRI. Need to register for the free content.

Seattle Childrens' Atlases


eMedicine/ Medscape

A vast selection of articles on almost every topic in radiology

eMedicine Homepage



MedPix™ is a free online Medical Image Database and Radiology Portal

 MedPix Homepage