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BSPR 2012 Programme

BSPR 2012

Chelsea Football Ground Conference Centre

Programme 8th November



09:30-10:00            Coffee


10:00-10:15             Welcome


10:15-11:15            Radiology at the Centre

                        Professor Erika Denton

                                    National Clinical Director for Imaging at the Department of Health

                                    Consultant Radiologist, Spire Hospital, Norwich


11:15-11:45            Coffee


11:45-12:30            What’s the Problem with Urological Surgeons

                        Mr Feilim Murphy – Consultant Urologist, St George’s Hospital NHS                                                 Trust


                        Scientific session

12:30-12:45            O Arthurs - Patient choice: voiding cystography by x-ray fluoroscopy or interactive MRI?

12:45-13:00            S King – Preparing and supporting children for their MRI scan

13:00-13:15            I Mendichovszky – Non-contrast MR angiographic evaluation of renal arteries in paediatric                                     patients – validation and clinical applications


13:15-14:00            Lunch


14:00-14:45            The role of imaging in the diagnosis and management of haematological                                     malignancies

                        Dr David MacVicar, Consultant Radiologist, The Royal Marsden Hospital


                        Scientific session

14:45-15:00            H Anderson - Paediatric neck ultrasound; where are all the tumours?

15:00-15:15            T Watson - Imaging in paediatric intestinal failure associated with liver disease (IFALD)

15:15-15:30            M Taylor - MR enterography: our paediatric experience after 1 year


15:30-16:00            Tea


16:00-16:15            Feedback from Paediatric Oncology

                        Dr Lawrence Abernathy, Consultant Radiologist, Alder Hey Childrens’                                                                                                             NHS Foundation Trust


                        Scientific session

16:15-16:30            L Woods - A district general hospital (DGH) study of dose-area product             (DAP) values for                                                 paediatric fluoroscopy, compared to a tertiary referral centre and national guidelines

16:30-16:45            M Elsayed - Paediatric Fluoroscopy: Are we delivering the right dose?

16:45-17:00            R Senasi - Are we heading in the right direction?  South Yorkshire multicentre paediatric acute                                     CT head DLP audit

17:00-17:15            O Hulson - Assessment of the 'shunt series' radiographs when investigating the child with a                                     possible acute malfunctioning ventriculoperitoneal shunt


17:15-17:30            Mypacs/webex

                        Combined short talk and demonstration




19:00                   Dinner in the Millennium hotel

BSPR 2012

Chelsea Football Ground Conference Centre

Programme 9th November


08:30-09:00            Junior Forum

                        Dr Kath Halliday, Chair and Convener of the BSPR


09:00-09:30            Coffee


09:30-10:15            Contrast Ultrasound in Trauma - Talk title TBC

                        Dr Maria Sellars, Consultant Radiologist, King’s College Hospital, London


                        Scientific session

10:15-10:25            A Uttley - Audit of polytrauma CT scans at Leeds Children’s Hospital

10:25-10:35            S Hameed - Paediatric trauma Imaging: the challenges faced in a major trauma centre

10:35-11:50            K Lutchmeesingh - Paediatric trauma CT: the St George’s Hospital experience


10:50-11:30            Coffee


11:30-12:15            Paediatric Trauma - Talk title TBC

                        Surgeon Commander Richard Miles,

                                                Consultant Radiologist, Derriford Hospital


                        Scientific session

12:15-12:25            L Summers - Replacing conventional spine radiographs with DXA in children with suspected                                     reduction in bone density

12:25-12:35            L Summers - Novel assessment of fracture risk in children using finite element (FE) analysis of                                     lateral spine DXA scans

12:35-12:45            M Jackson - Clavicle radiographs in children: a waste of time and radiation?


12:45-13:00            Major trauma group update

                        Dr Judith Foster, Chair of the BSPR Imaging Paediatric Trauma Group


13:00-13:30            Lunch


13:30-14:20            AGM – in the main conference centre

13:30-14:20            Junior forum informal meeting in the coffee shop

14:20-14:30            Short break


14:30-15:15            Quiz

                        Dr Rosemary Allan, Consultant Radiologist, St George’s Hospital,                                                                                                                                                 London

                        Scientific session

15:15-15:30            J Apsey - NAI skeletal surveys – are skull plain films still required if a CT head is being performed?

15:30-15:45            L Woods – A local follow-up study of Graf type IIC developmentally dysplastic hips (DDH),                                     prognostic factors and safety evaluation

15:45-16:00            D Moran – Sequential cranial ultrasounds in high risk pre-term neonates – are they of benefit?


16:00-16:20            Tea           


16:20-16:45            From the manufacturer –new technologies being developed by their industry

16:20-16:30             Toshiba

16:30-16:40            GE healthcare


                        Scientific session

16:45-17:00            A King – National survey of training in the management of intussusception

17:00-17:15            E Hannon - Intussusception Reduction - A national audit of practice and reduction rates

17:15-17:30            P Patel - Percutaneous nephrostomy insertion in paediatric patients: experience from a tertiary                                     paediatric centre without formal paediatric interventional radiology cover


17:30                        Close of Meeting