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BSPR 2011 Programme
Annual Meeting Friday 11th November 2011

Chilworth Manor, Southampton


09.30-10.00            REGISTRATION AND COFFEE


10.00-10.05            Welcome and Introduction

                        Dr Jo Fairhurst


10.05-10.50            Provision of Paediatric Interventional Radiology Services

                        Dr Derek Roebuck, Great Ormond Street Hospital


10.50-11.05            Is Routine Chest X-Ray Necessary Following Percutaneous Central Venous Catheter Insertion In Children?           

                        Chowdhury M, Gordon H, Nicholls E, St George’s Hospital


11.05-11.20            The Postnatal Management of Congenital Lung Disease & Correlation With Its Antenatal Diagnosis

                        Rodriguez C, Morris S, University Hospital of Wales


11.20-11.45            Can Pulmonary Sequestration Characterisation Define Its Natural History and Management Strategy?

                        Chowdhury M, McHugh K, Pierro A, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford and Great Ormond Street Hospital, London


11.45-12.00            A Review of Unexpected Ultrasonographic Findings in the Investigation of Suspected Empyema in the Paediatric Population

                        Rayner A, Chakraborty A, Children’s Hospital, Oxford


12.00-12.15            Paediatric Cervical Spine CT in Trauma: Are We Finding Any Genuine Pathology or Are Clinicians and Radiologists Being Misled By Normal Variations?

                        Akhtar S, Beeston E, Amonkar SJ, Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust


12.15-12.45            Probing Bowel Imaging           

                        Dr Mark Griffiths, Southampton University Hospitals


12.45-13.40            LUNCH


13.40-14.00            ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (BSPR members)

                        (BSPR members)


14.00-14.45            Paediatric Orthopaedics, Vitamin D and hips.                       

                        Professor Nicholas Clarke, Southampton University Hospitals Trust


14.45-15.00            Screening for Developmental Dysplasia of the Infant Hip

                        Arthur R, Leeds General Infirmary


15.00-15.30            Internet Based Teleconferencing – Will It Help Us?

                        Senasi R, Roberts I, Sheffield Children’s Hospital


15.30-15.45            Validation of a CT Based Finite Element Bone Model for Investigating Mechanisms of Injury in Child Abuse

                        Emerson N, Carre M, Reilly G, Morris H, Offiah AC


15.45-16.00            Mechanisms of Injury in Children Under the Age of Three: A Pilot Study

Hume J, Gibbs S, Sprigg A, Burke D, Offiah AC, Sheffield Childrens Hospital


16.00-16.20            TEA


16.20-16.35            The Meckel’s Scan: A Report from 18 Years Practice

                        Pallewatte A, Sinha C, Easty M, De Coppi P, Pierro A, Misra D, Biassoni L, Great Ormond Street Hospital


16.35-16.50            The Use of MRI Contrast Agents in Children: A Survey of Current Practice in England, 2011

                        Rouhipour A, Jamalul-lail N, Kraft J,School of Medicine & Leeds Children’s Hospital


16.50-17.05            The Use of Water-Soluble Contrast Enemas in the Diagnostic Pathway of Infants Who Fail to Pass Meconium, Or Who Are Suspected of Having Hirschprung’s Disease

                        Stedman J, Castillo F, Frankln J, Chakraborty S


17.05-17.20            When is a Crossing Renal Vessel Not a Crossing Renal Vessel?

                        Negus S, Murphy F. St George’s Hospital


17.20-17.35            Air Enema Reduction – A Registrar Led, Protocol Driven Service is Safe and Effective.

                        Hannon E, Negus S, Allen R, Murphy F, Okoye B, St George’s Hospital, Tooting



17.35                        Close of Meeting


19.00                        Dinner