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BSPR 2010 Programme

BSPR 2010 Programme Nottingham: 12th November

08.45-09.15 Registration

09.15-10.30 Scientific Session [Chair Dr Katharine Halliday]
09.15-09.23 Ultrasound Examination of neonatal hip dypsplasia: Comparison of
interobserver variation when classifying using Graf method and
femoral head position. [Dr Graham Wilkinson]

09.23-09.31 Benefit of early MRI in paediatric hip pain [Dr Michael Jackson]

09.31-09.39 When should treatment for developmental delay of the neonatal hip be
commenced? [Dr Graham Wilkinson]

09.39-09.47 The value of axial sequences in MRI assessment of childhood
scoliosis [Dr Joseph Jacoby]

09.47-09.55 Preparation for allergic contrast media reactions: results of a
national survey, review of the literature & suggested guidelines
[Dr Richard Lindsay]

09.55-10.03 A review of dose-area product levels for Paediatric Fluoroscopy in a
tertiary referral centre. Are national references falsely reassuring?
[Dr Jaya Amarnath]

10.03-10.11 Comparison study between plain film & 3D reconstruction CT for the
evaluation of skull fractures in non-accidental injury [NAI]
[Dr S Manubola]

10.11-10.19 Accidental rib fractures in premature infants
[Dr Nitin Rao]

10.19-10.27 Reporting and communication in NAI imaging
[Dr Steve Morgan]

10.30-11.0 Coffee

11.00-12.00 Children’s Imaging Networks
[Dr Sheila Shribman - National Clinical Director for Children, Young
People and Maternity Services, Dept of Health]

12:00-1:00 BSPR annual meeting

1:00-2:00 Lunch

2:00-3:00 The future of Paediatric Radiology, the Royal College’s view
[Dr Tony Nicholson – Royal College of Radiologists]

3:00-3:45 Scientific session (Chair Dr Laura Fender)

3.00-3.08 Do you need a DGH Paediatric Neuroradiologist? A survey of DGH
workload [Dr Alex MacLennan]

3.08-3.16 Should diffusion weighted imaging be routinely used in paediatric
Brain MR imaging [Dr Neil Porter]

3.16-3.24 Magnetic resonance spectroscopy of lactate –technical considerations
[Dr Elspeth Whitby]

3.24-3.32 Audit: Ultrasound as a tool to detect the nature of cervical
lymphadenopathy in children [Charlotte Adams & Emily Ashworth]

3.40-4.10 Tea

4.15-5.15 Scientific session (Chair Dr Nigel Broderick)

4.15-4.23 Follow up chest x-ray in simple community acquired pneumonia audit
[Dr Sumita Chawla]

4.23-4.31 National audit of the use of ultrasound to guide paediatric chest drain
insertion [Dr Adam Wallis]

4.31-4.39 Barium follow through for paediatric inflammatory bowel disease:
Histopathological & enteroscopical correlation [Dr Suraj Amonkar]

4.39-4.47 The use of Dynamic MRI in the Evaluation of rectal prolapse in
children [Dr Alison Cambell]

4.47-4.55 Imaging of surgical complications following Paediatric liver
transplantation [Dr Helen Woodley]

4.55- 5.03 Intussusception reduction; our experience
[Dr Nitin Rao]

5.03 – 5.11 Treatment patterns of Intussusception in infancy: A National
Prospective Study [Dr Sean Marven]

5.15 Close

7pm Course Dinner: Hart’s Hotel Nottingham