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BSPR 2008 Programme


The British Society of Paediatric Radiology

Annual Scientific Meeting 2008


Date:                        Friday 7 November 2008


Venue:            Lakeside Centre, Aston Univeristy, Birmingham


Organiser:            Dr Karl Johnson, Birmingham Children’s Hospital


Sponsors:            GE, Phillips, Toshiba

RCR CME Credits Applied for




08.45-09.15       Registration & Coffee


09.15-09.25            Introduction                                                                        Dr K Johnson


09.25-09.40            BSPR Website                                                                        Dr A Watt


09.40-10.20            Radiology and the ENT Surgeon                                    Mr M Kuo


10.20-11.20       Scientific Papers:

·      Multiple unexplained fractures in infants NAI or OI     

Sudigali V, Dimond D, Grier D, Smithson S, Burren C, King S

·      Histories given in unexplained long bone fractures

Wilson B

·      Rib Fractures Identified at Postmorten Examination in SUDI

Weber MA, Risdon RA, Offiah AC, Malone M. Sebire NJ

·      Skeletal surveys for suspecred NAI-how important is it to double report?

Jogeesvaran KH, Allan R, Given Wilson R, Negus S

·      Review of CT findings in NAI

Tamangani J, Johnson K

·      MRI of infra and extra cranial haemorrhage, Birth injury or NAI?

Wallis LJ, Gandhi SV, Smith MF, Paley MNJ, Griffiths PD and Whitby EH


11.20-11.50       Coffee Break


11.50-12.35            Bone Tumour Imaging                                                Dr S James


12.35-13.40       Lunch


13.40-14.40       BSPR Annual General Meeting


14.40-15.15            Dealing with Adolescent Issues in Radiology            Dr J McDonagh


15.15-15.55       Scientific Papers:

·      Early experience of hip screening in Cerebral palsy           

Duncan K

·      OCT for the Detection of Complete Tracheal Rings in Children with Suspected LSCTS

McLaren C, Elliot M, Roebuck DJ

·      GP referred UTI should we be NICE?

McDonald K, Kenney I

·      The use of whole body STIR in CRMO

Duncan K, Johnson K


15.55-16.10       Accreditation – the future                                                Val Cook


16.10-16.40       Tea Break


16.40-17.45       Scientific Papers:

·      Imaging children:  do we provide a child-centred Service in adult hospitals?

Mathers S, Anderson H

·      The Role of Doppler Ultrasound in the Diagnosis Of Hepatic Veno-Occlusive Disease

Taylor-Robinson K, Wilkins S, Keenan R, Abernethy L

·      Ultrasound guided drainage of empyema in children – 5 years experience

Ramamamurthy Evans H, Douli I, Evan A

·      Audit of Radiological Investigations to Delineate Perineal Anatomy in Males with High Ano-rectal


K Elmalik, G Murthi, A Sprigg

·      Sonography for GOR in the paediatric age group

Lung PFC, D’sa A, Maheshwaran S

·      Tracheonmalacia and Tracheomegaly as Complications Of Fetal Endoscopic Tracheal Occlusion in the Treatment Of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.

McHugh K

·      Thinking about Measuring?

Horton D


17.45                        Meeting Close                                                                        D K Johnson


17.45     Drinks at the Bar


18.45     Annual Dinner, Aston Business School Conference Centre




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