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Nappy Artefact in Neonatal Abdominal Radiographers

Addley HC, Hughes J.

Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge


Cranial ultrasound and MRI findings in two cases of Pallister Killian Syndrome

Allen RA, Attaie M, Butler S.

Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow



Optic Nerve Enlargement in Two Patients with Krabbe’s Disease

Iqbal A, Nairn L, Hawkes R, Jaspan T, Maclennan AC.

Southern Hospital Glasgow/ Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley/ University Hospital, Nottinghqam



Foetal brain imaging with ultrasound and MRI  a comparative study

Jibri Z, Ramammurthy S, Liu A, Morris S.

University Hospital of Wales



Value of selective sonography in Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH) in Neonates

Kashel E, Anwar F, Maheshwaran S.

Mayday University Hospital


Diagnostic difficulties in paediatric neuroimaging in  DGH

Manickam S, Palaniappan M.

Darlington Memorial Hospital/Queen’s Hospital, Burton upon Trent



From ‘click to slip’  A pictorial review of common paediatric hip disorders.

O’Flynn E, Allen P. Sellars M.

Kings College Hospital, London


A Pictorial Review of Paediatric Neck Masses

O’Flynn E, Allen P. Sellars M.

Kings College Hospital, London


Rickets –  more common than you think! A Pictorial Review

Pearce R, Young J, Owen N

Whittington Hospital, London


Does exposure to fetal magnetic resonance imaging cause objective neonatal hearing loss?

Reeves MJ, Whitby EG, Hart AR, Brandreth M, Griffiths PD, Stevens JC.

Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield.


Secondary DDH Screening in Aberdeen: the breech presentation

Saraswat L, Dougall T, McDonald S, Goversall L

Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital


Sheffield experience of bilateral Wilms tumour

Vandyil SM, Bickie I, Raghaven A, Gerrard M

Sheffield Children’s Hospital