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The British Society of Paediatric Radiology

Scientific Meeting 2007




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0.90-09.30            Registration & Welcome


09.30-10.10            Paediatric Sports Medicine            Dr Andrew Newton, Weston s Mare


10.10-11.15       Scientific Papers


11.15-11.30       Coffee Break/Posters


11.30-14.10            Changing attitudes to radiation 1896-2007            Dr Bob Bury Leeds


14.10-15.15       Scientific Papers


15.15-15.30       Tea Break


15.30-16.10       Role of MDCT in vascular and infectious diseases of childhood

Dr Cathy Owens, GOS


16.15-17.20       Scientific Papers


17.20-17.30       Meeting Close


17.45     Drinks in the bar


18.45     Annual dinner Leigh Court





Session 1 – 10.10-11.15


Chair   Dr Susan King, Weston Area Health Trust


10.10     Treatment of hypertension due to segmental renal artery disease.  McLaren C, Tullus K, Hamilton G, Marks S, Roebuck D. Great Ormond Street Hospital, London.


10.20     Radiologists satisfaction with training and support in suspected physical abuse.  Pervaiz A, Offiah AC. Great Ormond Street Hospital, London.


10.30     Introduction and validation of a new classification system for vertebral anomalies and scoliosis.  Offiah AC, Alman B, Cornier AS, Dunwoodie SL, Giampetro P, Tassey O, Turnpenny P. Great Ormond Street Hospital, London.


10.40     Dating infant fractures.  Halliday K, Broderick N, Somers J. Nottingham City Hospital.


10.50     Does MRE flat your boat?  Harave S, Fairhurst, J. Southampton Children’s Hospital.


11.0        NAI:  a retrospective analysis of sets of twins.  Ferguson J, Chapman S, Johnson K, Birmingham Children’s Hospital.


11.10     Retroversion as a marker of uterine maturation.  Leung R, Allan R., St George’s Hospital, London.


11.15     Break


Session 2 – 14.10 – 15.15


Chair  Dr Patricia Woodhead, Weston Area Health Trust


14.10     Antenatal ultrasound and fetal MRI of non CMS abnormalities, a comparison.  Jaffe S, Miller C, Birmingham Children’s Hospital.


14.20     Imaging tarsal coalition.  Dimond D. Bristol Children’s Hospital.


14.30     DDH screening protocols.  McDonnell O, Turner J. Ulster Hospital Dundonald.


14.40     Ultrasound screening of DDH : revelations from a DGH.  Mankad K, Tirukonda P, Cham K, Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.


14.50     Significance of femoral head flattening in sonographic investigation for DDH.  Choi EH, Naji M, Wilkinson AG, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh


15.0        CO2  angiography in children : safety and technical spects, McLaren C, Roebuck D.  Great Ormond Street Hospital, London.


15.10.1                  An unusual cause of leg pain.  Gomez AC, Arthurs OJ, Nicholson JC, Set P. Cambridge University Hospital.


15.15     Break



Session 3 – 16.10-17.20


Chair  Dr Cathy Owens, Great Ormond Street Hospital


16.10     Computer aided detection for the identification of pulmonary nodules in paediatric oncology.  Helm E, Roberts H, Silva C, Babyn P.  Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto.


16.20     Splenic nodules in paediatric Gaucher’s disease.  Chippington S, McHugh K, Vellodi A.  Great Ormond Street Hospital, London.


16.30     Whole body STIR MRI at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  JelBert A, Atkin K, Johnson K.  Birmingham Children’s Hospital.


16.40     What happens to the thymic remnant in children who have undergone cardiac surgery?  MacDonald K, MacKenzie S. Bristol Children’s Hospital.


16.50     Imaging of complications of haemolytic uraemic syndrome – a 5 year experience in a tertiary centre.  Sudigali V, Inward C, Mackenzie S, Grier D.  Bristol Children’s Hospital.


17.0        MRI estimation of liver iron load.  Thomas O, Watt A, Foster J.  Glasgow Children’s Hospital.


17.10     Booth Hall Hospital Radiology Museum.  Wilson B, Manchester Children’s Hospital.