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BSPR 2006 Programme




9.00-9.30             Registration




9.30-10.10          Abdominal Masses in Children – What the Surgeon Needs to Know

Mr M Powis

The General Infirmary at Leeds


10.10-11.0          SCIENTIFIC PAPERS


The Right Upper Quadrant Cysts in Children – A Diagnostic Dilema

S. Avula, Y. Jones, L. Abernethy, D. Pilling

Royal Liverpool Children’s NHS Trust


Pre-operative Imaging Assessment for Suitability for Rex Shunt – An Initial Experience

E. Hoey, T. Humphrey, D. Kessel, M.D. Stringer, H. Woodley

St. James’s University Hospital, Leeds


Solitary Liver Cysts in Children:  Are they Always so Simple?

H.E. Woodley, T.N. Rogers, W.H. Ramsden, J.L. Wyatt, M.D. Stringer

St. James’s University Hospital, Leeds


When Calomine Lotion Fails

S. Mackenzzie, R. Shuklar, M. Zagurova, D. Grier

Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.


11.00-11.20       COFFEE BREAK




11.20-12.0          SCIENTIFIC PAPERS


Comparison of Differential Renal Functions using 99mtc – DMSA and 99mtc – MAG3 Isotope Renography in a Paediatric Population.

G. Ritchie, A.G. Wilkinson, C. Graham

Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh


Long-term Sequelae of Radiation Exposure due to CT in Childhood – A Proposed Study

M. Pearce

Newcastle University



Comparison of Dose of Common Paediatric Fluoroscopic Investigations on New Fluoroscopy Unit Compared to Old.

C.A. Corry, A.G. Wilkinson

Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh


12.00-12.40       An Introduction to PET/CT and its Emerging Role in Paediatric Oncology

Dr T Lynch

Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast


12.45-13.45       LUNCH




13.50-14.50            BSPR ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING


14.50-15.30       SCIENTIFIC PAPERS


Radiological or Surgical Drainage of Paediatric Empyema? – The Edinburgh Experience

P. Guntur, A.G. Wilkinson

Royal Hospital for Children, Edinburgh


Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome: A Clinico-radiological Review

C. Miller, D. Peake, L.K.R. MacPherson, H.J. Williams

Birmingham Children’s Hospital


An Audit of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICC) in Children with Difficult Intravenous Access using Image Guidance

S. Maroo

Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow


15.00-1600         TEA BREAK




16.00-16.40       Imaging of CNS Neoplasms in Children

Professor P. Griffiths

University of Sheffield


16.40-17.20       SCIENTIFIC PAPERS


Observational Study of Skeletal Surveys for Suspected Non-accidental Injury Following the BSPR Guidelines

S. Swinson, M. Tapp, R. Brindley, S. Chapman, K Johnson

Birmingham Children’s Hospital


The Rate of Skeletal Maturation in the Scottish Population – A Comparison Across 25 years (1980-2005)

S.L. Waller, J.S. Huntly, D.E. Porter, L. Williams, A.G. Wilkinson

Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh


Update on Screening for Developmental Dysplasia of the Hips 9DDH)

R. Arthur

The General Infirmary at Leeds.




19.00                         BSPR Annual Dinner, Est Est Est Restaurant, Cookridge