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BSPR 2006 Posters





1.     Bone Age in English Children with CF using the RUS (TW2) Method

L. Hattingh, W.H. Ramsden, S.P. Wolfe, S.P. Conway, J.G. Truscott, K.G. Brownlee St James’s University Hospital, Leeds.


2.     Tumours of the Skull Base in Paediatric Age Group:  A Review

D. Nayak, S. Nayak, I. Simmons Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.


3.     An Overview of Paediatric Orbital Pathology a Pictorial Review

D. Nayak, S. Nayak, I. Simmons, J.A. Bradbury* Leeds Teaching Hospitals NSH Trust and Bradford Royal Infirmary*


4.     An Audit of Doses Given in Paediatric Plain Radiography and Fluoroscopy

R. Leung Evelina Children’s Hospital, London


5.     Urothelial Thickening in the Paediatric Renal Pelvis – A Rare, Under-recognised and Important Sign.

J. Cooper York District Hospital


6.     CT Brain Scans in Suspected Non-accidental Injury. A National Survey

K. Mankad, L.A. Elliott Bradford Royal Infirmary


7.     Two cases of Absent Pulmonary Valve (APV) Syndrome with Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF),

 S. Maroo Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow


8.     Review of Differential Diagnosis of Groin Swelling in Children

R. Aparajita, R. Arthur  The General Infirmary at Leeds.


9.     Percutaneous Transgastric Ultrasound Guided Drainage of a Pancreatic Pseudocyst

N.J. Squires, M. Singh, G.L. Lamont, A. Healey


10.  Audit of Percutaneous Ultrasound Guided Renal Biopsy

E.G. Dodd, S.J. Maroo   Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow


11.  Diagnosing Bilary Atresia by Ultrasound Scan – How close can we get?

T.M. Humphrey, M.D. Stringer St. James’s  University Hospital, Leeds