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BSPR 2002 Programme


Northern General Hospital Postgraduate Education Centre


Friday 8th November 2002


0900-0925            Registration





0925-0930            Introduction   Alan Sprigg


0930-1015            Questions arising from the children’s National Service Framework

Professor D Hall, President RCPCH.


Advanced neonatal nurse practitioner’s request for radiological examinations – a survey of current practice in England

J Kraft, M McCarty, S Walker, J Wyllie.  Middlesbrough


Neonatal AVMs – radiological challenges

PR John, B Connolly, M Temple.  Toronto


In-utero MRI with post mortem follow up

EH Whitby, MN Paley, S Rutter, NP Davies, A Sprigg, Griffiths PD.  Sheffield.


Neonatal head scanning in the West Midlands – service provision.

JM McHugo, G Cattell,.  Birmingham.


Preliminary experience with sentinel node biopsy in children with cutaneous malignant melanoma.  RA Allen, D Dewar, D Hoffland, WBEM Powell.  St. George’s London.


1105-1130          Coffee




            Do clinically silent subdural haemorrhages occur in the neonate?

EH Whitby, MN Paley, S Rutter, P Ohadike, MF Smith, NP Davies, PD Griffiths


Is sedation necessary for Paediatric MRI?

N Jain, A Watt.  Glasgow.


Ultrafast MRI of fetal ventriculomegaly

EH Whitby, MN Paley, S Rutter, NP Davies, A Sprigg, Griffiths PD.  Sheffield.


BSPR survey of antenatal diagnosis and postnatal imaging of remal pelvic dilatation.  R De Bruyn, GOS London.

The direct percutaneous radionuclide cystogram;  a new test of vesicorenal reflux.  AG Wilkinson, GA Mackinlay, S Jackson, M Rodger, Edinburgh.


A pregnant question?  K McHugh.  GOS London