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BSPR 2001 Programme




 Friday November 9th 2001

Institute of Child Health, 30 Guilford Street

London WC1N 3EH



9.00-9.25             Registration and Coffee


SESSION 1.    Moderators:  I. Gordon, C. Hall


9.35-9.45             Introduction and Welcome

Kieran McHugh


9.45-9.57             ‘The Society of Paediatric Radiographers’

Jennie McKinstry, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Belfast


9.57-10.10          ‘The good old days?’

Keith Levick, Sheffield


10.10-10.22       ‘The new BSPR website’

Glenn Wells, QiQ Limited


10.22-11.0          Sedation Issues in Paediatric Radiology

Mike Sury, Great Ormond Street Hospital


11.00-11.20       Coffee



SESSION 2.  Moderators:  R de Bruyn, T. Cox


11.20-11.32       The use of melatonin as an alternative to sedation in un-cooperative       children’


11.32-11.44       ‘Reduction of unnecessary skull radiographs in children with head trauma – a repeat audit following change’

Sara Williams, K Johnson, M Balogun, Birmingham Children’s Hospital


11.44-11.56       ‘Pachy-or polymicro (gyria): what’s in a name?

Neil Stoodley, DT Pilz, University Hospital, Cardiff


11.56-12.08       ‘Comparison of 3D Ultrasound, 2D Ultrasound and MRI in the evaluation of the neonatal spine’


12.08-12.20       ‘An audit of the value of ultrasound examination of the lumbar spine in infants: with specific reference to cutaneous markers of spinal malformation’.

Ashley Robinson, Manchester.


12.20-12.32       ‘Attenuation of venous sinuses on neonatal CT: relationship with haematocrit’

Joanna Turner, N Barnes, L Abernethy, Royal Liverpool Children’s Hospital        ‘A survey of current practice of dose reduction in paediatric CT scanning in the UK’

S Yusuf, S Chapman, K Johnson, Birmingham Children’s Hospital


12.44-12.56       ‘Magnetic Resonance Venography in Children’

SJ Butler, AJ Watt, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow


13.00-14.0          Lunch

 SESSION   3.  Moderators:  D Roebuck, C Owens


14.00-14.40       Cystic Fibrosis – an update

Collis Wallis, Great Ormond Street Hospital


14.40-14.52       ‘Oral contrast for paediatric CT – an audit’

Kaye Platt, C Young, K McHugh, Great Ormond Street Hospital


14.52-15.04       ‘The role of follow-up imaging in paediatric blunt abdominal trauma’.

A Mizzi, A Shaboni, AJ Watt, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow


15.04-15.16       ‘The pre-emptive use of TBIDA hepatoscintigraphy in the evaluation of the biliary system following traumatic liver injury’

Karl Johnson, A Hall, S Chapman, P John, K Sharif, M Toy, J de Ville de Goyet, Birmingham Children’s Hospital


15.16-15.28       ‘Focal Fibrocartilaginous Dysplasia – Recognition of a Benign Lesion’

Amaka Offiah, K McHugh, C Hall,  Great Ormond Street Hospital


15.28-15.45       Tea


SESSION 4.  Moderators:  K McHugh, M Hiorns


15.45-15.57       ‘Antenatal hydronephrosis – 5 year study, negative predictive value of a normal post natal scan’

Ima Moorthy, BN Joshi, Meyer-Parsonson, Warren M, Cook JV. Queen Mary’s Hospital for Children, Carshalton


15.57-16.09       ‘Using warm or cold contrast medium in MCUG examinations;  which is best?

Robin Goodman, RG Pearse

John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford


16.00-16.21       ‘Review of imaging before and after surgery for posterior urethral valves’

Niall Power, K McHugh, F McAndrew, D Wilcox, P Duffy, I Gordon, P Ransley, Great Ormond Street Hospital


16.21-16.33       ‘Pressure assisted micturating cystourethrography:  reduction in duration of procedure and fluoroscopy time’

Graham Wilkinson, G McCafferty,  Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh.


16.33-17.20       AGM



6 Category 1 CME Credits Awarded by The Royal College of Radiologists.

Evening Dinner at the Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street at 7.30pm

 We would like to than our sponsors:  Siemens, Bracco, Amersham Medical Systems, Genzyme, Fuji, Cook, EZEM and Radiologic.