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BPRIG 1998 Programme








9.30am                        Registration and Coffee


10.00am            FLAIR in the paediatric brain:  experience with a low field MR system.

                        Dr M McPhillips, Edinburgh


10.15am            Guest Speaker

                        3D CT and virtual neurosurgery in the treatment of fibrous dysplasia of the paediatric skull.

                        Mr J Walker, Belfast


10.35am            The role of the plain film and renal tract ultrasound in the management of children with urolithiasis

                        Dr S L Smith, Nottingham


10.50am            Evaluation of factors which influence image quality and dose an appraisal of the CEC guidelines.

                        Dr J V Cook, Carshalton


11.05am                                                Coffee


11.25am            Hepatic Arterial Embolisation

                        Dr P John, Birmingham


11.40am            Imaging and Intervention in the management of cystic lymphangiomas

                        Dr L Abernethy, Liverpool.


11.55am            Balloon Dilatation of oesophageal stricture in children – A comparison with surgical bouginage.

                        Dr A G Wilkinson, Glasgow.


12.10pm            A look at the BPRIG Website

                        Dr I Kenney, Brighton


12.30pm            Annual General Meeting


1.00pm                                                Lunch


2.00pm            Guest Speaker

                        Ano-rectal Anomalies

                        Mr W A McCallion, Belfast


2.30pm            Antenatal diagnosis and outcome in sacrococcygeal teratoma – A review.

                        Dr J McHugo, Birmingham


2.45pm            Fetal Renal Pelvic Dilatation – The outcome.

                        Dr K A Duncan, Aberdeen.


3.00pm            Liquid ventilation in children:  A new treatment for management of respiratory failure?

                        Dr A Hollman, Glasgow


3.15pm            Pyloric stenosis in Male Twins:  Role of ultrasound in the management of a vomiting baby.

                        Dr K Shah, Birmingham


3.00pm            Survey of intussusception reduction in the UK –

                        How and whey we should do it better

                        Dr K McHugh, London


3.45pm                                                Tea


4.05pm            Imaging paranasal sinus pathology.

                        Dr A G Boothroyd, Liverpool


4.15pm            Imaging of the nose and paranasal sinuses relevant to FESS (functional endoscopic sinus surgery).

                        Dr S King, Liverpool


4.25pm            The role of imaging in the management of salivary gland masses in children.

                        Dr H Al-Hashimi, Dublin.


4.40pm            Protocols.  Are they worth the paper they are written on?

                        Dr D Horton, Hull.


4.55pm            Audit of adherence to paediatric oncology imaging protcols.

                        Dr S Hegarty, Southampton


5.10pm            How useful are cervical spine radiographs in paediatric trauma?

                        Dr D M G Buckley, Nottingham


5.25pm            Close