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Prizes awarded at the Annual Meeting

What prizes are awarded at the Annual Meeting?


Claire Dicks-Mireaux Prize

This is for the best oral presentation by a trainee. Current value £600. 


Poster Prize

This is for the best poster presentation. Current value £300.


Please understand that these prizes have a number of conditions, which reflect the written rules governing the prizes.

 1. Both prizes are only awarded to the first author - who is normally the oral presenter for the CDM prize. 

 2. They are intended to support individuals towards attending a scientific meeting with significant paediatric radiology content. They will only be paid after the winner has attended a paediatric meeting eg ESPR or can prove they have spent a significant time studying paediatric radiology at a general meeting eg the paediatric track of RSNA.

3. The Executive Committee may not agree to prize winners spread claims over several meetings and/ or delayed claiming the prize.  In general, the prize must be claimed within 2 years of award. 


The Executive Committee may also make discretionary awards at the annual meeting if a presentation or poster fails to win one of the above prizes but is though worthy of an award.


A Medical Student who presents a paper will usually receive a discretionary award.